4 Floor Damage Signs That Require Wood Flooring Replacement

Homeowners love wood flooring since they're durable and beautiful. Your wood floor is an integral part of your home's comfort, design, and overall value. With time, these floors take in a lot of abuse, wear, and tear. If you notice the following damage signs, partial repairs might not suffice, and you should replace the floor.

Large Scuffs and Scratches

Negligible marks on your wood flooring aren't a cause for alarm. But dragging furniture, impact, or pet activity may leave behind large unsightly scuffs and marks. If these dents cover a large area, you must replace your floor. If sanding and refinishing are not an option, your flooring technician might suggest an overhaul. 

You must change your floorboards if you find deep chips and gouges on the surface. Water and other liquids seep through these cavities and damage the floor irreversibly. This makes wood floor replacement the best option.

Water Damage

Leaky pipes and backed-up toilets cause untold damage to your wood flooring. If the wood absorbs water, it causes cupping, warping, rotting, and separation. Also, when water gets trapped beneath the floorboards, it encourages toxic mold growth. 

If you detect water damage on the wooden floor too late, replacing them saves you the steep cost of repairs. Water weakens the wood and makes it spongy or brittle. As such, installing new floorboards is your best bet, and a professional flooring specialist can help.

Exposed Nails

If you notice nail heads sticking out of your wood flooring, replacing it might be the perfect solution. Exposed nails are more than just an eyesore. They injure your loved ones and pets. Often, exposed nails show up in high traffic areas and pose risks and slip accidents. If you find a few exposed nails, your flooring pro can fix them. However, if large areas are affected, consider a new wood floor.

Extreme Wear and Tear

Hardwood flooring beats many other floor options on many fronts. But with time, the hallway, entrance, and kitchen display signs of excess wear and tear. Refinishing is quite a remedy, but it may not suffice for the long term. You must check the surface for signs of excessive damage. If splintering or warping occurs, the ideal restoration option is to replace the wood floor.

Installing new wood floors updates your home's appeal and increases its value. If you want to replace your damaged floor, contact a professional wood flooring service near you.

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