Three Crucial Questions to Ask When Buying Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a timeless flooring option. It gives your home the beauty and versatility that few other materials in the market can match. With the advent of luxury living and construction solutions, many homeowners prefer hardwood flooring. However, you have to be keen about the type of hardwood you invest in and its efficiency in your home before purchasing it. You can get the best quality in the market by asking these crucial questions. 

Should You Choose Solid or Engineered Hardwood? 

The first choice to make is between solid and engineered hardwood. Solid wood is great because it is natural and does not have any adulterations. However, it needs much maintenance and care because wood is susceptible to damage from moisture and other environmental elements. On the other hand, engineered wood resists water, heat, and other environmental factors. It also mimics natural hardwood well and might even have higher levels of tensile strength. 

Should the Finish be Shiny or Matte?

The finish you choose for your hardwood floors depends a lot on your personal preferences. The smooth and shiny finish is excellent because it reflects the maximum amount of light inside the house. You will find the polish ideal for parts of the home that might not have enough natural lighting. The endless reflection makes the room appear better lit. The semi-gloss finish is another option to consider when you want a little of both worlds. It will give you the sheen that adds to the light in the room, but without the extreme shine. Also, wear and tear become harder to notice when the floor does not have a high sheen. 

Is It Possible to Maintain the Floor's Beauty?

One of the biggest worries people have when dealing with wooden flooring is whether it will maintain its beauty for a long time. After installing the hardwood, the maintenance practices that you adopt determine how long it will serve you. Your hardwood floor maintenance schedule should include cleaning any spills immediately they happen and also mopping and vacuuming the floor. It would help if you used the right cleaning appliances when mopping and vacuuming to avoid scratching the hardwood. You can also refinish it every few years to protect the surface from excessive deterioration.

These are some crucial considerations to have in mind when buying and installing hardwood flooring. You should consult a professional flooring installation contractor about the entire process for the best outcome.   

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