How Professional Carpet Stretching Works

Do you have loose carpet that is not looking so great? One technique to fix it is carpet stretching. Here are the basics of how carpet stretching is done by a professional.

Prep The Room

Your carpeting must be able to move freely for the stretching process, which will require moving all furniture out of the room and off the carpet. This means that carpet stretching may have to be done in sections where the seams of the carpet are located in order to do it across your entire home. Then all of the carpeting will be loosened from the tack strips along the edge of the room so that it can move around.

Assemble The Stretching Equipment

Carpet stretching requires some special equipment that is designed to match the length and width of the room to get the job done. This equipment will need to be assembled in the room to match its specific size. You'll notice that there is a long bar that extends across the length of the room, with a pad that goes into the carpet that grips onto it with sharp teeth.

Stretch Out The Carpeting

The carpet stretching equipment has a pump handle that extends the bar and stretches out the carpet. This is done slowly to remove any slack and ripples and to avoid causing any damage to the material. Once the carpet is stretched out, the carpeting is secured back to the tack strip in that section. The stretching equipment is then moved across the floor to a new section of unstretched carpet where the process is repeated until the carpeting in the entire room is stretched and secured in place. 

Trim Excess Carpeting

There will be a lot of excess carpet along the edges of the room. All of this material needs to be trimmed off to create a clean edge. The excess carpet is removed on the side of the tack strip that is closest to the wall, and will not cause the carpeting to lose the tension that has been put on it.

Clean The Carpeting

The buckles and ripples in the carpeting likely created places that are dirtier than others, which is now noticeable with the carpeting stretched. It is a good idea to have the carpeting professionally cleaned to help the carpeting blend together and restore its color. 

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