Keys To Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring In A Home

Luxury vinyl plank is one of the more popular flooring options for homes today because it's durable, easy to maintain, and comes in a lot of styles. If you're planning to set up this material in your own home, remember the following installation advice.

Sand Down High Spots

If you don't have even floors and some spots are higher than others, you'll need to deal with them before adding luxury vinyl planks. Then you'll have more success with this installation process. High spots can be treated through sanding.

You'll just need a heavy-duty sander that lets you quickly work down high spots without having to struggle. After these areas have been sanded, clean up the flooring until you have spotless surfaces. This particular preparation will make your vinyl planks look better and help them lay down a lot more effectively.

Trim Underneath Door Jambs 

When you start getting close to door jambs, it's a good idea to remove materials underneath them. Then you'll create enough space for luxury vinyl planks to fit underneath. You won't have to force the planks under and potentially damage them.

You can use an oscillating saw to easily remove sections around the door jambs. They make cordless varieties too so that you won't be restricted when performing this preparation. Just make sure you remove enough materials to comfortably place luxury vinyl planks underneath. 

Measure Around Areas That Don't Allow for a Flush Placement 

Eventually, you'll reach areas that don't allow you to get a flush placement with your luxury vinyl planks. Instead of just placing the planks down, you'll have to measure around these areas. You need to be careful when doing so in order to avoid cutting the wrong way and subsequently wasting plank materials.

There are special measuring devices that will conform to the shape of the area that you're trying to place vinyl planks around. Then, once you have this mold, you can line it up on planks and then know exactly where to cut. You don't have to guess or waste time cutting vinyl planks the right way. 

Luxury vinyl planks are starting to show up in a lot more households because of their beauty, durability, and fairly straightforward installation process. You just need to use the right tools and make sure your placement methods are sound. Then you shouldn't have trouble getting these planks to stay put and leaving behind beautiful floors at the end. For more information, contact a luxury vinyl plank installation company. 

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