Refinishing The Hardwood Floors In Your Home

Hardwood flooring can suffer some extensive damage over the years that it is in your home. As a result, its appearance could deteriorate substantially due to the wear and damage it suffers. Luckily, homeowners can have the flooring refinished to restore its appearance.

Refinishing The Floors May Not Address All Of The Problems You Are Experiencing

Refinishing hardwood usually requires the surface layer of it to be sanded off. This will expose the fresh wood under the surface, which can allow eliminate shallow damage to the flooring. While the process of refinishing the floor can alleviate these issues, there are limits to the type of wear and damage that this work can correct. As an example, wood flooring that has suffered deep cracks may simply be unable to be refinished because the damage may extend too deep in the wood.

The Refinished Floors May Need Some Time Before They Are Ready For Use

After the top layer of the wood flooring is removed, a stain and protective coating will be applied to it. Before you are able to use the floors as normal, you may need to allow the stain and protective sealant to have enough time to fully dry and cure. Typically, this can take up to a couple of days before the flooring is ready for light use. If you have rugs that you want to put on the flooring, you should wait at least a week to ensure that the rugs don't interfere with the curing and drying process. While this may be a little inconvenient, it can help to ensure that the newly refinished flooring will have a uniform look.

The Dust From The Refinishing Process Will Need To Be Managed

During the process of sanding the top layer of the flooring, large amounts of sawdust will be created in most cases. Preventing this dust from spreading through the home is important. This is especially true when the HVAC vents are on the floor, as dust can more easily fall into these vents, where it may be spread to other parts of the home. During the initial preparation for this work, the hardwood flooring refinishing contractors will take some time to thoroughly prepare the home to minimize these issues. More specifically, they may cover the floor vents and seal the doors of the room where the refinishing work is being done.

Contact a company that offers hardwood floor refinishing services to learn more.

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