Precautions To Take When Refinishing Wood Floors

If you have wood floors in your home, you may decide to refinish them at some point. This can restore them back to their original condition and color. You just need to take a couple of precautions to have success.

Push Down Nails Sticking Up

When you refinish wood floors, you'll have to use a sander to even out the surface and alleviate defects. If there were any nails sticking up, they'll impede your ability to complete this step. You thus want to first push down any nails that are protruding upward.

You'll just need to get a hammer and then assess the wood floors that you're looking to refinish. Give nails sticking up a firm tap until they press against the flooring in a flush manner. Then you'll be able to use the sander without having to work around obstacles.

Use a Drum Sander

Sanding is one of the most important parts of refinishing wood floors, and as a result, you want to make sure you map out this stage perfectly. You won't have to struggle with this if you just rely on a drum sander, a powerful machine that enables you to sand large areas quickly.

It features an abrasive sheet that you'll work over areas of the wood floors, especially areas that have scratches and dings. You just need to make sure you use this sander going in the direction of the wood grains. That will help you get better results.

Choose a Wood Stain

Once you've taken care of all the prep work, you're ready to choose a finish for your wood floors. You may have a lot of options, but being particular is going to help you make the most out of this floor renovation around your property.

Are you looking for something dark to create a little more drama, or is a lighter finish better to make a particular space in your home feel more open? Compare multiple options and try to pick a stain that you would like to see for many years to come.

If you're planning to renovate the wooden floors in your home by refinishing them, there are a couple of things you want to plan for in advance. Then you'll be able to work a lot more efficiently, but most importantly, get amazing results that make your wood floors look like they did when they were first put in.

For more information about wood floor refinishing, contact a local professional.

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