The Benefits Of Commercial Epoxy Flooring For Your Retail Store

If you're renovating retail space to open your own shop, you might be wondering about the type of flooring to choose. You want something durable and that looks attractive to your customers. Epoxy could be a good choice. Here are some benefits of choosing commercial epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Is Easy To Keep Clean

Your commercial floor collects dust, lint, and other debris over the course of a day. It's easy to sweep and mop epoxy to pick up debris and make the floor sanitary. Epoxy goes on in a single layer so there are no seams, grout lines, or anything else to trap dirt and bacteria.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Waterproof

Even if you don't anticipate any problems with flooding, waterproof flooring is always good to have. The epoxy coating on your floor protects it from stains in case someone drops a drink on the floor and when your customers track in rain and mud. Plus, if a plumbing leak happens to occur, your floor won't be ruined since an epoxy floor will dry out and not show signs of water damage.

An Epoxy Floor Is Attractive And Glossy

Glossy floors are attractive in a retail setting because the floors reflect light and make the space seem brighter. Plus, a shiny floor just looks cleaner even when it's dirty. Besides being glossy, a commercial epoxy floor can be an attractive solid color or have colored flakes in it so you don't have to look at a dull and drab floor. An epoxy floor can add a little glamour if you choose the right color and sealcoat.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Durable

Epoxy is a strong material. It's much stronger than paint and has a longer life too. Its strength makes it an ideal material for a commercial floor that gets a lot of foot traffic and that may have cars and trolleys wheeled across it. Plus, it can stand up to the weight of shelves, chemical spills, cleaning solutions, and about anything else the floor is likely to see in a commercial setting.

The durability and long life of commercial epoxy flooring make it a good investment, especially since epoxy is more affordable than some other types of commercial flooring.

Epoxy Accepts Additives

Plain epoxy is slick when it's applied, and that's not good for a retail store. Fortunately, your installer can mix in additives that give the floor traction. An epoxy floor can be much safer for your customers once the surface is textured with the addition of additives. This reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. 

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