Resurfacing The Hardwood Flooring In Your House

Resurfacing the hardwood floors in your home is one project that will be able to offer major cosmetic benefits to your house. Some common assumptions about the process of resurfacing hardwood floors or the types of results that this project may offer can lead to homeowners having a harder time deciding if this is a type of work that will benefit their homes.

Assumption: It Is Best To Resurface The Floors Of Your Home In Phases

A homeowner might assume that it can be less disruptive and easier to have their home's interior floors resurfaced in a series of phases. This is a particularly common assumption when a person has large areas of hardwood flooring that will need this work. However, it can actually be far more disruptive to break the home's flooring resurfacing into phases. In addition to the need to prepare the room to undergo the resurfacing process, this work will also lead to strong fumes filling the rest of the home. Due to these issues, it can often be preferable to have all of the hardwood floors resurfaced at the same time.

Assumption: The Resurfacing Process Will Cause The Floors To Appear To Be Duller

The assumption that the resurfacing process can cause the floors to become duller is a mistaken belief that some homeowners may assume to be true. In reality, the resurfacing process can fully restore the color and shine of the hardwood flooring so that it will look its best. When you are having the hardwood floors resurfaced, you will have the option of deciding on the particular stain that is applied. At the conclusion of this process, the resurfaced hardwood floors will look as good as when they were first installed.

Assumption: A Hardwood Flooring Resurfacing Contractor Will Handle All Of The Preparation Work

There are many steps to follow in order to prepare hardwood floors for the resurfacing process. The most basic of this preparation will be the removal of any items from the area that could interfere with the contractors. However, it may also be necessary to remove molding from the base of the walls as these surfaces could be damaged during the sanding process. A contractor may be able to handle the removal of the molding or other basic preparation, but it will be up to the homeowner to move any furniture or other items that could be in the way of the contractors as they are attempting to work.

If you'd like to resurface your hardwood floors, reach out to a flooring contractor to learn more.

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