Should You Have A Professional Clean Hardwood Floors?

Given the reputation of hardwood floors for being low maintenance, it might seem strange to consider professionally cleaning them. However, there are some scenarios where it's wise to bring in a professional hardwood floor cleaner. These four situations are appropriate times for hiring a pro to clean hardwood floors.

Heavy Grit

Typically, a property owner can keep hardwood floors clean simply by sweeping them. A gentle broom bristle is usually more than enough to drive dust and debris away. Over time, though, heavier grit and grime can collect. This can begin getting into the creases of the wood and between the boards. It will often start to turn black with time, too.

If you wish to avoid damaging the hardwood, it's wise to not tackle this problem yourself. A hardwood floor cleaner has the tools and products required to treat the surface with care. By using systems that eject a minimal amount of moisture to loosen things up, they can deep clean the grit and grime without damaging the wood's finish.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Another reason to call a professional hardwood floor cleaner is when you reach the manufacturer-specified limit. This will vary based on the products in question, but manufacturers normally recommend deep cleaning at least once every couple of years.

Bear in mind that high-traffic locations should consider more frequent deep cleanings of their hardwood floors. If you run a restaurant with hardwood floors, for example, there's a good chance the foot traffic is going to bring in more dirt than the manufacturer expects. You may also need to ask for more frequent professional cleanings if the area is exposed, such as a dining room that opens to the outdoors.

Ineffective Cleanings

Many people will try to clean the hardwood floors themselves even if it isn't advisable. You can use mild soap with lots of water and then go over the floors gently with a barely-moist microfiber cloth. However, you may encounter stuck-on stuff that just isn't going to come off by this method. Getting more aggressive trying to remove filth from the floor is a bad idea because it risks scratching them or causing the ingress of moisture. If light cleaning has proven ineffective, it's time to contact a professional hardwood floor cleaner.

Newly-Bought Property

Finally, it's a good idea to have a professional deep clean the floors if you've just bought a place. Some properties stay on the market for a while so you shouldn't assume the seller cleaned the floors all that recently. By calling in a pro, you'll know exactly how long it has been so you can plan for the next cleaning.

For more information, contact a hardwood floor cleaner near you.

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