The Benefits Marble Slab Flooring Has Over Marble Tile Flooring

If you are looking to install marble flooring in your home, one of the decisions that you have to make is deciding whether to go with marble slab flooring or marble tile flooring. Marble tiles are tiles that are cut from marble slabs and can be installed in the same way other tile floors are installed. Slab flooring consists of a large slab that is cut to size for the space, meaning your flooring is all made from one large piece of marble. There are many benefits of slab flooring versus tile flooring. Here are some of those benefits. 

Marble Slab Flooring Is Easier to Maintain

One of the biggest benefits associated with marble slab flooring is that it tends to be easier to maintain when compared to tile marble floors. Both types of marble floors need to be regularly dry mopped with a soft cloth and cleaned with a pH-balanced cleaning product to keep them looking their best. However, tiled marble floors have grout, and that grout needs to be cleaned as well. Grout can be challenging to clean and can make cleaning and caring for your marble floor a bit more challenging and time-consuming. 

Marble Slab Flooring Typically Lasts Longer Than Tiles

One of the lesser-known benefits that marble slab flooring has over marble tile flooring is lifespan. Slab flooring tends to last longer compared to tiles. This is because tiles typically begin to wear out and crack along the edges, particularly in high foot traffic areas. A slab is one solid piece, helping the marble to maintain its structure and strength. This helps to minimize cracking and wear. 

Marble Slab Installation Is Faster

The final benefit of marble slab flooring is that slab installation tends to be much faster than tile installation. With slab installation, a contractor is installing one large piece of marble. With tiles, the contractor has to install multiple pieces. They also have to take the time to ensure each tile is straight and level, and then grout between the tiles. This increases the cost of installation and the amount of time it takes to install. 

Marble tile floors and marble slab floors can give you the upscale and beautiful marble flooring you are after. However, each has its own benefits and pricing can vary drastically for a slab floor versus a tile floor. Consider your budget and your needs when determining which type of marble flooring may be the best fit for your home. 

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