Options For Luxury Vinyl Flooring In Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are at the top of many homeowners' lists of things to do. These renovations may be simple upgrades that consist of lighting changes or color changes. They may also deal with the flooring. One option you may be considering is to use a luxury vinyl flooring option for your bathroom floor renovation. Here are some of the options available to you and the benefits of each one. 

Wood Look

You may be considering wood vinyl for your bathroom. The issue many homeowners have with this option is the final look of the product. For example, older options that offer a wood look only offer the color or appearance of wood. The texturing and the wood plank feel are not there. This is where luxury vinyl stands out from traditional vinyl sheet flooring, planks, or tiles. The luxury feature gives you the color of your chosen wood. It also gives you a wood-like texture and appeal that, once installed properly, looks like hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is waterproof and durable. Some options can be placed over existing vinyl flooring. 

Stone Look

You may be considering a stone look for your flooring. Stone has several benefits including durability. The issue that some homeowners have with stone tile is that it can be too hard or slippery. If you have elderly family members or young children, a real stone floor or stone tile may not be ideal. For this reason, luxury vinyl flooring companies began creating stone look options. These stone look vinyl flooring options give the appearance of various styles of stone and can look like natural stone when installed properly. 

Marble Look

Marble flooring is an option many homeowners may want, but find to be too costly or difficult to have installed. Luxury vinyl marble look flooring is available in traditional marble styles including black and white or even gold marble color schemes. If you have a different type of marble look in mind, you can discuss it with your flooring contractors. Since vinyl allows companies to create unique looks and color schemes, you may be able to find exactly what you are looking for with the look of luxury marble. 

When you are ready to begin the flooring renovations to your bathroom, contact your flooring contractor. Let them know you want to use a luxury vinyl flooring option. They can discuss the options they have available as well as detail why those options may be ideal for your bathroom. They can also discuss installation, maintenance, and answer questions you have about the flooring.

For more information, contact a local company, like KC Marble & Tile.

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