4 Benefits Of Installing Cork Floors In Your Home

If you are looking at new flooring options for your home, then add cork to your list. Cork creates unique surfaces with a range of benefits. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Create Comfortable Flooring Without Using Carpet

If you don't want to carpet rooms in your home, then you might use wood, tile, or laminate floors. However, you do lose some comfort with these options. They can feel cold and hard under your feet.

Cork bridges the comfort gap between carpet and hard flooring. This material is full of tiny air bubbles which create a soft and springy surface. When you walk on a cork floor, the surface feels warmer and more comfortable.

2. Get Quieter Floors

Hardwood floors can be noisy, especially if you live in an apartment or install them on bedroom floors. If you have children, then the people who live below you might hear a lot of noise when your kids run around or play. Or, you'll hear noise when you try to relax downstairs while your kids play in their bedrooms.

Cork has natural sound-dampening qualities. Its air bubble construction absorbs noise so your floors will be quieter.

3. Get Forgiving Floors

Foot traffic and furniture can damage wood or laminate floors. If a floor gets damaged, then you might see scuff marks, scratches, and scrapes on it. You can't always wash these marks away or repair them easily.

Cork has a natural patterned appearance. It can hide minor damage and flaws more effectively, Plus, its extra cushioning has benefits if you move furniture around your home.

For example, sofa legs might leave scrapes or even indentations on some floors. If you move a sofa, then you reveal these marks. If you use high-quality natural cork flooring, then it can repair itself. It might show some indentations from the sofa's legs when you first move it; however, the material expands to fill in these areas after a while.

4. Get Extra Safety Benefits

Before you install any material in your home, you should think about its safety benefits or risks. For example, if you install wood floors, then you need to find fire-resistant products. If you have young children, then think about how much harm they might come to if they fall on the floor.

Cork floors have additional safety features. Cork contains a substance called suberin. This substance has natural resistance against fire. A cork floor will eventually burn in a fire like any other material; however, it retards the spread of flames.

Plus, the softness of a cork floor is useful if someone does have a fall in your home. They are less likely to get a painful or serious injury if they fall on this cushioned surface.

To find out more about cork floors and where they will work in your home, contact flooring installation companies in your area.

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