Expand Your Career As A Hardwood Floor Technician

A hardwood flooring apprenticeship will prepare you for a career as a flooring technician. Learn how furthering your career may come with larger responsibilities and an increase in pay. Then, prepare yourself for the application process that an employer requires.

A Technician's Role

A flooring technician may work for a private employer or a large flooring business. A technician is a key player who will be responsible for inspecting, repairing, and refinishing hardwood floors. A technician may also be required to install brand-new flooring materials. This type of job will involve a commitment to completing floor projects of all sizes.

Often, an owner of a flooring business will perform contractor duties. They will be the one who is responsible for advertising the business, attracting clients, and furnishing clients with estimates for the floor work that needs to be conducted. The contractor will have a team of workers who perform duties under them. A technician is one of the people who will be part of a floor team.

Open Positions

Once you have completed an apprenticeship, you may feel that you are well-equipped to branch out and apply for job positions that will earn you more money. Open positions for hardwood flooring technicians are featured on many career platforms. A hardwood flooring business owner will post an ad that pertains to the job duties that a technician will be responsible for.

Although the technician job role that was described above provides an estimate of what a typical technician will be responsible for, a business owner may add to these job duties. An employer may specify that an applicant will need to have a solid understanding of each type of wood that is used to create hardwood flooring. They may also require an applicant to possess a valid driver's license.

Many of the floor machines that are used to install and refinish hardwood flooring are bulky and heavy. An applicant should be well-equipped to haul machinery around to each job site. A technician position that requires a lot of work duties to be completed may pay well.


When you are reviewing open positions, think about what your former role as an apprentice involved. If you have a lot to offer a business, plus feel confident about your ability to handle a technician's job duties, submit an application to each employer who has posted a job listing that appeals to you. Each employer may require a cover letter and a resume when you apply for a position.

To learn more about hardwood floor technician jobs, reach out to flooring contractors or companies.

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